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FUTEK, a niche manufacturer of load cell, pressure, torque sensors reimagine to stand out in a competitive market, speed up its operations to meet evolving customer expectations, and warm up for the next stage of growth. The company started the journey to modernize the ecommerce site, marketing platform and infrastructure to meet the customer needs.
Maganti IT Resources started the journey with FUTEK to revamp ecommerce site, custom integration with Oracle suite of applications and automate their cloud infrastructure. Maganti IT collaboratively worked with them to improve User experience and enhance brand visibility. The ongoing standardization and automation of IT support services has decreased infrastructure- provisioning time and the flexibility of IT operations made the company to meet changes of demand across its business cycle. Maganti IT provided extensive expertise in process automation with custom integration and with seamless delivery. Our technology resilience and web designing skills delivered the following solutions and services to FUTEK:
  • Ecommerce site implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Enhanced site performance and speed
  • Oracle EBS modules implementation
  • Avalara Tax Service integration
  • Azure Infrastructure - cloud computing service to maintain database and give access to data remotely
  • Data migration
  • Platform upgradation
  • Ongoing Back end and Infrastructure support
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Transform applications to outperform in a cloud-first, mobile-first world while modernizing
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Data and Analytics
Leverage our advanced data and analytics solutions to transform data into useful insights. We focus on areas such as inventory updates, financial transactions, operating system data, process parameters, quality events, and machine data to uncover new insights through advanced analytical tools and technologies.
AI and Automation
AI-based technologies have inevitably changed the way goods and services are planned and produced today. It is implemented in case scenarios such as Predictive Maintenance to Forecast The remaining Useful Life of Equipment, Robotic Process Automation to Streamline Paperwork, Quality Assurance & Inspection, Demand Forecasting to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency and warehouse Automation.
Cloud computing & lean processes
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Digital Transformation
Digitalization and automation are the game-changers for mastering the challenges of today and tomorrow. Upgrade your enterprise with next-gen IoT and digital transformation to get ahead in your industry.